The properties of materials change over time and the same case happens for the HMA pavement. The various components of HMA pavement such as surface, base, sub-base, and sub-grade have time related functions. In particular, the base layer which is the immediate layer below the surface, comprising of various materials such as crush aggregates and HMA also have a time related function. Among the numerous properties of the base layers which are dependent with time is its resilient modulus. Therefore, this paper correlates the effect of the change in resilient modulus with time including the various varying conditions such as rutting, thickness of base layer, precipitation, traffic, temperature, IRI index, wheel path length cracked, cracking percentage, crack length, liquid limit, plastic limit, optimum moisture content, and % fine passing below 200 sieve. Each individual factor has different effects over the resilient modulus of the base layer, but their effects are more severe when they act at once in a pavement structure.